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Kid Girl's Marry Jane Flat Shoes Strap Flower(Toddler/Little Kid)



  • Little Kid 11M/ Heel to Toe 6 4/5 inches
  • Little Kid 10.5M/ Heel to Toe 6 3/5 inches
  • Toddler 9.5M/ Heel to Toe 6 3/10 inches
  • Little Kid 12M/ Heel to Toe 7 2/5 inches
  • Little Kid 11.5M/ Heel to Toe 7 1/10 inches
  • Toddler 8.5M/ Heel to Toe 6 1/10 inches
  • Toddler 8M/ Heel to Toe 5 9/10 inches
  • Toddler 7M/ Heel to Toe 5 7/10 inches
  • Toddler 6.5M/ Heel to Toe 5 2/5 inches
  • Toddler 5.5M/ Heel to Toe 5 1/5 inches


  • Beige
  • Ivory
  • Red
  • Black
  • Cream




The upper is made of good quality polyurethane leather, making the shoes durable. 
The easy strap design ensures the footwear can be easily worn or taken off, more convenient. The round toe design will won't make your toddler's feet crowded and help feet to grow healthily to a great degree. The flower decorations make the shoes unique and beautiful. The shoes in the princess style is suitable for girls to wear in daily life.



Soft insole let your baby's feet rest comfortably and at the same time, the pretty insole shows a touch of princess. There won't be any more shoe bites. Rubber soles are lightweight and durable. What's more, these shoes won't experience much wear and tear due to the neat stitching and excellent workmanship.

Light Color

The shoes are available in beige color; basic color can be worn with a wide range of outfits, suitable for every outing,like go to school or church, or for parties like wedding party, easy to match outfits.


The best part is these shoes can be easily cleaned when they get dirty or muddy due to the feature of softness. Just give them a good wash, leave out to dry, and they will soon be as good as new.

Maxu Toddler Girl Mary Jane

Want to buy a durable pair of Mary Jane shoes for your girl? These flats shoes are just what you are looking for-they can last long, while providing comfort and fashion at the same time.

Little Kid 11M/ Heel to Toe 6 4/5 inches / Beige - $13.00