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Maxu Boy's Brogue Oxford Shoes Leather Flats (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)



  • Big Kid Size 5
  • Big Kid Size 4
  • Big Kid Size 3.5
  • Little Kid Size 2.5
  • Little Kid Size 1.5
  • Little Kid Size 1
  • Little Kid Size 13
  • Little Kid Size 12
  • Little Kid Size 11.5
  • Little Kid Size 11
  • Little Kid Size 10.5
  • Toddler Size 9.5
  • Toddler Size 8.5
  • Toddler Size 8
  • Toddler Size 7
  • Toddler Size 6.5
  • Toddler Size 5.5


  • Black With White
  • Black



The upper is made of genuine leather, with durable and breathable features. Soft footbed let your baby's feet rest comfortably against the insole and there won't be any more shoe bites. Soft thermal-plastic rubber soles won't hurt baby's little feet and stand the test of time. What's more, these shoes won't experience much wear and tear due to the neat stitching and excellent workmanship.

The appearance of the shoes is designed accord to Oxford shoes. The easy strap ensures that the footwear can be easily worn or taken off, more convenient. Compared to other toe deigns, round toe provides larger room so it will won't make your kid's feet crowded together and help feet to grow healthily. The Brogue pattern on the upper adds a touch of fashion and vintage, suitable for boys and men and easy to match outfits.

The flats are available in black and white colors; easy matching colors can be worn with a wide range of outfits.

The best part is these shoes can be easily cleaned when they get dirty or muddy. Just give them a good wash, leave out to dry, and they will soon be as good as new.

These Oxford Shoes are just what you are looking for- they will last long, while providing comfort and fashion at the same time.